Accessing our APIs

Access to Ingenium's APIs is provided via an API token. To obtain a token signup, please use our Account Signup Form..

Once you have confirmed your email address, your token will become available on your Account Profile page. You can also access your token using the API itself. Please see our API Docs for more information.

API tokens are issued on a per-user basis and should not be shared.

Please rate-limit your requests to no more than 100 per second. If you require more than that, we invite you to consult our OPEN DATA portal for access to the raw data we use to populate the API.

Using our APIs

Collection API

The Collection API is built using Apache Solr. Please see the notes below for how to use Solr query parameters within our Collection API.

Querying the Collection API

The “query” parameter searches all fields that are marked as searchable. Solr query parameters may work but, because all fields are searched by default, it may not be as useful as you won’t be able to specify the fields to query. However, using a POST search endpoint, users can specify filter queries that accept most common Solr filter query parameters.

When you use the “query” parameter, the API will return records based on their Solr rankings. Using filter queries does not change these rankings. Users will find that using simple search terms in the “query” parameters and using filter queries parameters will provide the best results. It is also possible to set the main query to "*" (all records), then use the filter queries to narrow the results, taking advantage of Solr.

API docs offers additional examples of how to use the Collections API.