Ingenium APIs

Welcome to the home of Ingenium’s APIs.

At lngenium and its three museums, we are always taking science engagement to the next level. We are incredibly proud to be the first national museum in Canada — and one of the few among leading museums worldwide — to launch a public API. This milestone aligns with our strategic goals of collaboration, innovation, and ensuring access for all.

Ingenium’s Collection APIs will make our data available in an ongoing way, allowing universities, researchers, developers, and students to explore the extensive collection of objects housed by the Corporation. Our Collection APIs will also allow science and art aficionados to leverage our incredible data in creative, innovative, and exciting ways!

Our digital team is constantly developing and adding new data to its APIs, allowing even greater access and interaction between Ingenium’s museums and users. Please check this page often for updates, and be sure to share any feedback you may have. Please contact us at:

Collection API

The Ingenium Collection API is a REST-like service that allows developers to explore and build applications using Ingenium's extensive collections of artifacts.

Take a look at our interactive API documention to learn how to query and interpret results.

All of our APIs require the use of an API key. Instructions for obtaining your API key are available on our Using the API

If you use the Ingenium Collection API to design a public project, please consider sending it our way! We'd love to share it alongside other projects created with our API.